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Re: How do you "keep the baby awake" durring the day?

Originally Posted by rosiemama View Post
heres my advice....get a bunch of loud rowdy kids to come over to your house all day and around....bang doors and generally keep it so the baby CAN'T sleep during the day!
thats how I think my dd manages to sleep ALL (yes you heard it right mamas ...ALL) night~! 12 hours sometimes....she might wake once , sometimes twice to be fed...but she is IN the bed mostly 12 hours!!!!! I have 5 other children ....and they manage to keep the house loud enough that lily does nothing but cat nap all at night she really sleeps! I like it though....I get a couple of hours in the morning when she sleeps to hang and just do nothing ....or get stuff done...but she sleeps!!!!!! unlike my 2 yo....he is up alllllllllll night long....on and off...num num mommmy!!!!!! NUM NUM!!!!!
That sounds like it would work great except for the fact that I don't know any children and I don't really like them very much, especially the loud/rowdy ones
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