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Re: Demand Nursing/when/does it end?

Ugh why are doctors so pro cio?? I had a doctor tell me to let my ds cio for 2 hours if needed . I won't even let him cio for a minute so he can shove that up his you know what.

My ds has reflux/food intolerance issues and use to be a HUGE comfort nurser, he still is sometimes, but it is way better. I did try to find a paci for him, but he wanted the real he got the real deal whenever he wanted it. I would say especially if your dd is in a low percentile I'd nurse as much as possible.

We cosleep and ds is not sleeping through the night and he is almost 16 months. I am with you I hardly wake up when he nurses at night, so a few times a night doesn't bother me one bit.

Wow my heart goes out to you home alone with two kiddos . So thankful for you and your family giving up so much for our country. I am exhausted too ds has a cold, is teething, and just had a failed milk trial so he has been up every hour and dh might as well be out of the country since he sleeps through it all......
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