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WWYD-Is it a bad idea?

My DD is 5 months and we weened at 4 months-baby led (it was hard for me to accept). I had a chronic low supply and both of us had medical issues that prevented us to increase to a full supply.

Current issue- I've been sick with a nasty cold and I believe she's getting it- woke up with crusty boogers on R-eye and eyelashes. Anyway, she wouldn't go down well for her morning nap. She slept for about 15/20 mins and then woke up. I couldn't settle her and decided to give her my breasts. She didn't latch properly and of course there is no milk and relact is not an option. She did settle quite a bit and I'm sure it's because of the comfort assosication.

Is it okay for me to allow her to do this? Would you allow DC to do this for comfort? I guess I'm concerned I don't want to damage my nipples and don't think re-teaching latch would even be worth the time or work b/c of no milk. Plus she's has begining to teethe- seems to be a long drawn out process for her- at least a few weeks of fussy and no indication of breaking through anytime soon.

I like the idea of giving her comfort by giving her the breasts. But is this a bad idea?
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