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Re: What time is bedtime?

we're late nighters here, but the kids still get a good amount of sleep. They are usually in bed by 9 (but there are nights, like tonight that DD#2 has an awful time falling asleep....she's in bed, but it's 10:15 and she's still awake) and they wake up around 9. That fits with the culture here....the work day here doesn't begin until 11am and ends at 7pm. Our neighbors in the flats above us give no respect for quiet evenings, so to us it's not worth the trouble to try to get the kids to go to bed earlier.

They usually take a 2 hour nap *sometime* in the afternoon.... this varies a lot because we have a babysitter come twice a week for a few hours, and she doesn't like the kids to cry so she won't even attempt naptime (another culture thing with the crying).

I would LOVE to get them on a more set schedule, but I've got to get myself on one first....
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