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Re: Did you ever worry......

Gulity as charged! lol

I was so freaked out about having a ugly baby.. I got a story for ya. lol when my bestfriend runs across unattractive babies, she calls them Precious.
It's always this kind of inside thing we got, we'll be walking around the mall or something and she'll see a baby.. and i'll wait to hear Precious or Beautiful. beautiful.. that's good. Precious.. not good. lol

Anyway, when she came up to the hosptial the day after I had miranda, the first thing she said when i handed her over was how PRECIOUS she was..
I said WHAT???!!!!! no one else in the room knew the inside thing, but my friend caught on right away and she said, "oh jeez! I didn't mean it that way?! i'm sorry! beautiful! i mean beautiful! lol" Everyone else was looking at us like we were freaks, because most people would think precous was a nice thing to say. lol After that, she stopped using precious when she saw a baby. lol

I also worried that i would think she was cute, but she really wouldn't be, or that people would think she was ugly but tell me she was pretty not to hurt my feelings.... one of the first pictures is located here.

that's me and her. One of her periods of sleeping she did rarely. lol
she had a bad scab on the side of her face, and she was so dark i wondered if she was actually mine. lol

anyway, I think alot of people worry like this. I think it's a hormone thing. lol
I was also freaked out by all the horrible things i'd been hearing about online.
so was i not only worried about her being ugly but that she would be born with missing a leg or something horrible like that.
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