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Exclamation almost 2yrs and not talking? Please help!

I need some help / info my nephew is almost 2yrs( june 12th) and i have only heard him say mama mostly he just points and grunts or screams and my sister just gives him whatever he points at ..she says he will say a sentence just out of the blue and rarely..the sentence will be what he has heard someone else say mostly what the grandparents have said (he lives with the absent fathers parents long story)..i have never heard him say a sentence and no one else on our side of the family has this normal in an only child who is getting ready to turn two?...i have three boys and mine all seemed to talk early/on time..we have a doctors appt(pediatrician) at the same time and she says she is going to ask her after everyone in the family has been harping on her about him not talking..just hopeing for some info..could this be and early sign of a learning disability..father supposidly has ADD i personally think he was mentally slow..BUT..thats just me lol !
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