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Re: Did you ever worry......


Here's my totally twisted logic... After several m/c, and a nasty, complicated pg, I figured that if this one survived, God would allow it to be healthy. Either way, that part wasnt up to me.

So, I prayed for...

Small -(easy to deliver)
sleeps well- (that I could recover and be a good mom)
Cute - ( b/c Cute covers a multitude of sins)

One of my foster dogs is Cute- and thank God! He's neurotic, afraid of the world, allergic to everything, and has 2 brain cells that do not function simultaneously at the same time - takes him 8 times longer to learn ANYTHING as any of my others, but he's cute so he's still with us.

I didnt need a beautiful baby, just one that *I* found cute so that I could overlook the bad times and still love it.

DH was mad at me - telling me I should be praying for healthy and Smart. I told him he was welcome to pray for what he wanted, and I'd pray for what I wanted.

God was VERY kind to us in granting us all of our wishes! We'll Never be this lucky again
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