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Re: I don't wanna start solids!?! (semi-long)

OMG I'd tell her and everyone else to shove a sock in there mouth so they can spend less time flapping their jaw and more time reading about breastfeeding! I'm SOOOOooooo serious! I'm not so candid about those things. ESPECIALLY when it comes to breastfeeding because so many ppl are so........ uneducated (?) about it all. You poor little mama. I support you :-) Babies spit up and sometimes they spit up more than other babies or spit up more as a phase. If she's gagging and all that she doesn't want it and she'd definitely not ready. You and her are both having an awful time because of what other people are saying to you. You two need to just forget 'em! LOL I didn't give dd her first solids until 7 1/2 mos. It was rice and she gagged (yuck!). So we waited a week and tried carrots later (wierd) and then sweet potatoes (yum), then squash (eh), then peas (yum!) and since she's sucked on a whole carrot and grapes. That's it and she's 8 1/2 mos. We're working on it but there's no rush. She nurses 98% (2%=stuff I named)
stay strong mama

PS I didn't wanna do solids FOREVER and even now I'm kind of "iffy" about it Lol
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