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Re: almost 2yrs and not talking? Please help!

I urge you to read things about "crystal Children"and "Indigo Children" ... Not saying this is what he is but, it is a possibility. I have read that Crystal Children do not talk until well into their second-third year of life. That they do not have a 'need' to talk cause they can communicate telepathicly.
Check this out.
They also have physical challenges that have already begun to surface. Having loose ethereal bodies to enable inter-dimensional abilities, these children are vulnerable to influences that push them out of their body. This may appear as autism in the first Crystal children.
^Indigo and Crystal Children

My 3rd DS did not talk til he was close to 2.5.. Pedi wanted him to go to speach therapy.. I refused.. well, he talked when HE WAS READY to talk..and I promise you this.. the boy has NOT STOPED TALKING YET!!!
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