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Re: Tell me your process....

I use a dry pail. I dump in all diapers, microfleece liners and wipes (we use throw-aways). I wash covers with regular laundry. Of course I dump/scrape poo, but DH and I have a deal, he only has to dump, if it doesn't come out with a shake, he doesn't have to worry about it. I usually will scrape though.

I put all the dipes in the washer, along with the pail liner.
I set it to rinse, but leave the lid up, so it soaks- cold water.
After a while, I'll let it agitate for a minute or so, then let it soak again. I do this a couple times, depending on how long its been since I washed diapers.

Then I wash on hot with 1 tbsp simple green and 1/4 cup washing soda;
rinse on cold.

As I transfer the diapers to the dryer, I pick out the wipes, if I can, otherwise it just goes in the dryer- HOT of course. I will usually let the dryer go through 2 cycles, just to make sure everything is dry. When I fold diapers, I pick out the rest of the wipes and throw them away.

Easy peasy!! I'm all about making it easy, so I don't mess with detergents that may or may not be on the safe list today. Plus, DD has really sensitive skin, just changing detergents causes her to break out in a rash! I wash the covers with regular laundry because Simple Green is hard on elastic.
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