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Re: WWYD-Is it a bad idea?

Originally Posted by kht2006 View Post
Could you use a nipple shield? She could be comforted and you wouldn't hurt as much maybe.
Using the nipple shield will not help the problem which is a poor latch. I think it is wonderful that you both are trusting your instincts and doing what feels right minus the nipple pain of course. There are many mothers that still nurse without milk for one reason or another like adoption, low supply etc..... I think it is totally worth it. Some mothers use what is called an SNS it is a nursing supplementer that has a tube with a bottle like thing at one end the tube is taped to breast nipple and when the baby nurses she gets the comfort of being at breast and the milk comes through the tube. I think it would be completely worth teaching her how to latch correctly. Being at the breast is not just about nutrition it is about comfort, bonding, trusting, loving, all the things mothers do for their babies. Take care of your nipples help her learn to latch on properly and break the seal when finished. I hope you find what works best for you and your baby.
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