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Help with dd (18mos).

Dd has been sleeping through the night since about 9mos. She is in a crib, goes down with a blanky, fusses for like 2 secs, and goes to bed.

Well, on Friday she screamed and screamed, and I ended up holding her on and off until about 10PM. She normally goes to bed around 7-8PM. I tried everything, but she would not stop shrieking unless I held her. Eventually I just let her cio at around 10PM.

Same thing happened yesterday, she was fussy like crazy, and didn't stop screaming until about 9pm. When I'd go in and hold her she'd be quiet, and when I left she'd shriek and scream.

Now it's happening AGAIN tonight.

I do NOT want to get into a terrible pattern with this -- I don't want to hold her all night, or co-sleep. It's just not my thing.

Nothing seems to be wrong, no new teeth, she's not hungry or thirsty, no new routine or anything like that. I feel that every time I go in and pick her up, she screams for another 30 min. But I don't want to let her scream if something is WRONG, ya know? Help.
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