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Re: WWYD-Is it a bad idea?

Hey mama....

With the eye stuff...might want to take her to the ped. She can have pink eye, or just an eye infection. Make sure you clean the eye off with a cool cloth, and make sure you keep all hands washed well. Pink eye is very contagious. If she's been teething, having a runny nose, or cold...she can actually get an eye infection (that isn't pink eye) from all the stuff that builds up...these type of infections get in from the back of the eye.

As for the nursing thing...let her suckle. Eventually your nipples will get use to it, just like with a new mama nursing. I've never heard of nipple damage. I second the SNS suggestion. I donated breastmilk to an adoptive mom who couldn't lactate, and she nursed her baby using this with the donated breastmilk she received.

Go with your gut, and your baby's lead.
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