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Re: "Bad" parenting or just different?

IMO- it's her child and she can/will raise her how she sees fit. It may not be a 'style' you or I or anyone else agrees with, but that's her child.

I know when you live w/ someone you're not fond of (from the sound of it) it can be hard, and little things get on your nerves, things that aren't a *really* big deal. I lived w/ my mom and step dad, and he picked on the way I 'parented' DD, and that DID NOT go over well. Plus, he doesn't even have kids, so whose he to say anything.

Just remember she's a first time mom, a new mom. Do you recall how 'unsure' of things you were in the beginning?

ETA: I DEF. think that putting a bottle in baby's mouth and walking away is NOT safe.. I'm not saying the above to that, but to the other stuff
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