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Re: "Bad" parenting or just different?

Originally Posted by ~sarah~ View Post
~She claims that Amy prefers to eat by herself. That she likes it better being left alone in her carseat w/the bottle propped up. I think that's BS and that Becky (the SD) prefers it so she can go out and smoke and talk on the phone. What 3.5 month old doesn't prefer to be held?

~I've mentioned things like holding her to feed her and changing diapers more often but that's when she says things like that Amy prefers to eat alone and that she used to change her after every pee but that was just too often and she went through too many diapers that way. See this post.

I don't know how to tell someone to parent differently. She has complained that her SIL acts like she's such a better parent and always tells her how to take care of her baby and it makes her mad.
I think you're right--I think the excuse that the baby likes to eat alone is pure BS and just an attempt to justify it. Bottle propping can be dangerous, especially if she's not there to make sure the baby is OK while she's eating. The other stuff I don't think is too big of a deal, unless the baby is really cold or is getting rashes. I can totally see how this could be a delicate situation--how DOES one suggest different parenting methods to someone who doesn't really want the advice?
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