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Re: OMG homework driving me nuts!...

is this a public school?
do you have an IEP in place?
the teacher needs to be educated on SID right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
She has to undersatand that his "behavior" is not "misbehavior" but necesary for him to function.
You need to make sure he is going to get what he needs. It sounds like your new school is not a good fit..are there any other options for school?

Another option(if it's public school):
I know this souinds extreme, but I have heard of parents doing this.,..honestly! Inform the school your child will not be doing homework. Tell them they have 7 (or 8) hours in which to educate your child and that at 7 year old, that is enough, and you will not permit your child to do any homework.
Or, less extreme, express concern at the amount of homework, and tell them you will only allow so much (i.e. one worksheet plus reading, etc)
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