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Re: PMS meds? Over the counter?

I found this at Kelly Mom

Evening Primrose Oil
Considered safe for nursing moms. Reported useful for nursing moms who are trying to conceive. Also reported useful for treating postpartum depression, sore nipples during ovulation, PMS, fibrocystic breasts, Raynaud's syndrome and plugged ducts. EPO is derived from Oenothera biennis seeds and is an excellent source of essential fatty acids and their more complex metabolites GLA ( gamma linoleic acid). The suggested dosages that I have seen vary from 500-6500 mg per day for various problems: 500 mg per day has been suggested for breastfeeding moms with sore nipples during ovulation; 1000 mg 3 times a day for PMS or fibrocystic breasts. According to Hale, overt toxicity of this product appears to be quite low. No pediatric concerns have been reported. The Botanical Safety Handbook regards EPO as "safe when used appropriately." Overdoses of essential fatty acids have been known to provoke gall bladder attacks.

OK.... so is this a pill? Can I get it at a pharmacy? has anyone used it while breastfeeding for pms and how well did it work?
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