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Re: Help with dd (18mos).

I'm right there with you... DS usually just rolls right over and goes to sleep so when he has that rare night where he can't get to sleep sometimes its hard to figure out to do! I think its just that sometimes even babies that usually sleep well have trouble winding down. We co-sleep part time but when he's having trouble, falling asleep in our bed will take FOREVER because he'd rather play. Sooo, we just kind of try to "start over" altogether with getting him to sleep because the more he cries the more wound up he gets. I might take him to a room in the house that's just kind of boring (with no toys) and let him crawl around for a little while. Read him a book, that kind of thing. Oh, and he LOVES lavender lotion massages so that might work for you. I usually do that after he's in the crib and it really calms him down. I'm sure there are a ton more things you could think of to "wind her down".

Oh and one other thing, do you think she could be teething? I guess it could be pain instead of just problems falling asleep.

Anyway, good luck mama, I hope your little one starts falling asleep better!
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