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Re: Help with dd (18mos).

my ds is doing the same thing!! But my gut tells me that his stomach maybe has a little bug that is giving him a tummy ache and not nessecarily giving him a fever or any other signs of sickness ----but my TlC makes him feel alittle better. I will give it to him for a little bit, rock him for a while but then I do let him CIO.

He's finally going back to letting me put him to bed and then fall asleep. It lasted for like a week and a half ...maybe even 2.....but who knows why?

Maybe she doesnt feel good maybe somehting hurts but she cant tell you? ANd it totally could be some type of night terror that has spooked her?? She'll move through it just give her a lot of TLC so she knows you're there for her.
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