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Re: "Bad" parenting or just different?

IMO I don't see any of those things are necessarily BAD. Unless Her baby is showing signs of being uncomfortable and most babies will let you know when they are. I do how ever see that their might be an issue with the baby eating unattended. Being just a few feet away is one thing but to go "outside" IMO is much to far to be able to get to your baby if needed to get there quick enough.

In regards to being in the carseat I read from Dr. Cathryn Tobin that baby's usually feel more comfortable in a carseat because it resembles being cradled in the womb.

It also seems that sposies need to be changed less than cloth dipes. I mean it's how they design them, for connivence not necessarily for health reasons. Maybe she doesn't really know when the appropriate time(amount of urine) a sposie needs to be changed?

As far as the tank top and shorts thing I believe it's a matter of the baby being uncomfortable which again the baby will let you know and maybe just look to see if the baby's skin has some pickling and as a another mama suggested just put a blanket over the babe. Then maybe just graciously say "I noticed your Lo's skin was a bit pickled, I put a blanket on , I hope you don;t mind?"

These issues IMO aren't merit enough to start tension in your household. It's hard enough just having long term guests. Spare yourself the drama.

As I am noticing first hand being a first time mom has so many pressures. Just creatively post those parenting guides so she find her own path to raising "her" child. She needs support not criticism and make suggestions out of Love not fear. Just keep leading a loving parenting example and hopefully she'll catch on. Confronting her dead on might just send her in the opposite direction.
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