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Re: Can you believe this?

This was RIDICULOUS! I've seen more boob on the cover of fashion mags and men's mags. Heck at least this fab BFing mama didn't have a "come hither" look on while sucking her finger or something! You see those mags and think some of those gals should have a cartoon word blurb that says "If you move this 1 inch square piece of fabric covering my huge implant you know what you'll see?"

I think the mama in that photo should get a major kudos for the pic and for nursing that babe!

I agree there are many, many reasons people FF and that is 100% OK w/me but come on don't bash the BFers! We're all mamas and we all do what's best but you know that lady talking about her teenage son doesn't know he has a Playboy under his mattress. And to anyone who's worried about their hubby would you rather that or the SI swimsuit edition? seriously now folks! I HATE **** but think naked (tasteful) preggo and nursing pics are just the sweetest things ever! I don't know if I'd put my boob on a mag cover now but I know I would if I they didn't have so many stretch marks!

Nursing is simply a beautiful act of caring regardless of where it's done!

How would you feel if you were banned to eating in your car or other private only places?
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