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Re: "Bad" parenting or just different?

The bottle propping is obviously bad. The diaper changing-I used sposies on Canaan when he was really little, and he could go 4-5 hours before he felt wet...MUCH longer before the dipe was saggy and yuck. We usually changed him every 4 hours with sposies (with the exception of poos of course). It's entirely possible that baby is just a light wetter-however, the fact that she's changing less often to save diapers makes me say that it's just poor parenting. As for the clothing thing-my mom often asks if Canaan is cold-this kid is never cold! Right now it's 68 and he's crawling around in a tee and dipe-he's much older than Amy though. Good luck-sorry for your dilemma! It's tough when you don't agree with how someone is raising their child!
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