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Re: What is a birth plan?

The birth plan is also very helpful for the nurses in the hospital so that your whole birth team is on the same page.

The elements of my birth plan that were most important to me were to be free of time limits on labor as long as baby and i were doing well and no induction/augmentation unless medically necessary (which was a good thing to ask for b/c my labor was loooooong -52 hours- and if i hadn't specified that i was ok with a long labor i would have had pitocin and other measures pushed on my prematurely and most likely would have had an unecessary c-section). It was also very important to me that i be free to move around during labor and not have to get in the bed to be monitored--b/c of that request i was able to have the baby monitored while i stood, sat, was in the shower, etc... on an intermittent basis. But if i hadn't requested it the nurses would have had me laying in bed out of routine.

I also requested that vaginal exams be kept to a minimum--so after my initial exam and one every 12 hours i was not asked to have any more exams to check progress unless *i* requested it.

I believe birth plans are most important for those going for natural child birth b/c the things that help make NCB possible are also those things that are often outside of 'typical' hospital birth routines. But really they're beneficial for most women b/c of things like delaying eye drops/bath until later after birth, preferring not to have an episiotomy, etc...

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