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Re: Some questions

I coslept with DS until he was about 10 months, he transitioned to his crib entirely (pretty much all naps and every night) by the time he was 1 yr. (He still didn't sleep through the night, though until he was 19 months).

He woke himself with his jerking arms/legs for several months. He did grow out of it, though. I don't remember exactly how old he was when he did, but I remember worrying that he never would. He was 5 weeks early, though, so that may have been why some of these things lasted longer. I want to say he grew out of it by 6 months, but I'm not sure. I do know that by 6 months he did not want to be swaddled anymore. In fact I think he refused to be swaddled around 5 months even though until that day he screamed if he wasn't. It was a very sudden transition.
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