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Re: Help please !!

let me bump it to cause im in the same boat!!!

Greyson doesnt like to eat chunks but i know he is okay with it because he can eat cheerios, puffs, crackets, goldfish, wafers etc. I have recently gotten him to eat a few stage 3 foods or fresh fuit thta i just smash. But as far as getting him to eat say a small pea or a small piece of banana forgot it!!!!!!!! He aint having it. He will spit it out like no end and then afterwards wont want to open his mouth because the thinks im trhying to give him the same thing so I have to hold his head at times and give him a bite so he can see.

He is getting better though. At least now i can get him to eat smashed fruit were 2 weeks ago he was only eating puree. I have found to that i can smash cheese into pieces of toast that i tear off for him and he will eat it just fine..

keep offering and giving and hopefully he will get it!! This is what i hope anyway!

ETA: oh and if he will eat puree stuff try placing small im talking tiny pieces of fresh fruit into puree and see if he will eat it. same thing with veggies. Greyson would spit ou the chunk and swallow the puree but i have heard of this working for some people.
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