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Karo syrup and constipation question! HELP!!

Has anyone ever heard of putting Karo Syrup in the babies bottle when he/she is constipated? Has anyone heard that you should not give babies Karo syrup? I know about not giving them honey until they are older but was not sure about this. I gave my daughter Gerber rice cereal mixed with breastmilk and she has been grunting and stretching her legs out and has not pooped. She used to poop several times a day but since the cereal it may be a few days before she goes. It is also not seedy anymore; just kind of watery and smells like vinegar. My mom has been saying to add corn syrup in it and it should help he go regularly. I did a search about it on Google and didn't find much about it except someone stated to use the dark Karo syrup.

When I was feeding her yesterday, I tasted it because I like to know what things taste like that she eats and it smelled and tasted like the cardboard box it comes in!! I saw on this site that some moms grind up rice and cook it and use that instead. I may try that. Any friendly advice on the Karo Syrup part? What do you so for constipation?
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