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Bottom Line is your sons teacher is NOT a doctor she cannot be offering this sort of info to you!...I would remove him ASAP...I have a very active some would say annoying son...I got the adhd comments all the time and I was very annoyed also I feel there are just some teachers who clash with some students...just like anyone you can have an opinion about someone and it effects the way you interact with that person..we are all guilty of you need to put him somewhere where he is loved...not told he is horrible! This must be so hard for you!...She needs to be giving you good feedback with the bad...its impossible he has HORRIBLE ALl day..there must be somethings she can tell you that were good or even great that he did to take the harsness off the Horrible things she says he does,.... I am sickened by that...Poor baby..and poor you!...Some kids just are more hyper than others...doesn't mean they all have adhd! Good luck!
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