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Re: Cooking Beans

What are you cooking them in ?? I put all my dry beans like that in the slow cooker on low and cook for several hours during the day. I have had one pot get mushy on me and that was because DH turned it on High and didnt tell me.

I dump the bag in a pan and seperate the bad ones out, put in a pot on the stove for about 2 mins let it boil just long enough to make the skin wrinkle, rince in cool water, then dump in my slow cooker, add the spices and ham, will with water just until the beans are covered, turn on low and let cook usually about 6-8 hours. On high it takes less time, but can make them mushy faster.
I check mine and taste test every 30 mins to make sure they arent getting too mushy or still too hard and also to see if anything needs to be added.

THroughout I do have to add a little more water here and there, but it doesnt change the taste or texture.

You can cook them in a pot on the stove the same way as a slow cooker, but I recommend a thick bottom stock pot on a lower setting, it will take a little longer than on high of course, but they wont boil with can make them mushy.

Good luck.
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