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Re: Whole milk until what age?

In the UK, they recommend whole milk until the age of 5. Here in the US, the AAP recommend you switch them at the age of 2 because it is healthier in the long run, and if you wait too much longer they may get accustomed to the taste, and not want to switch.

So basically, it is your call! If you feel like he needs those extra fats then keep him on, but if you think he will do fine, take him off.

Originally Posted by tallanvor View Post
We all drink whole milk. I have really understood why someone wouldn't. All the reports I've read seem to me to basically be saying that since our society is fat we need to not drink whole milk because it's more fat. I just don't understand how the fat that is sooooo good for a baby/toddler is soooooo terrible for everyone over the age of 2. And yes, I realize there are some exceptions, but it just seems to me that it is another case of blaming something that isn't really the problem.
Originally Posted by *Alabamamom* View Post
I think the little guys are supposed to have whole milk because their brain is rapidly growing and it needs that extra fat to grow properly.. someone correct me if I'm wrong though.. I just couldn't remember the age of when they didn't need the extra fat any longer...
You're absolutely right! Up until the age of 2 they need the fat for brain development. According to the link below, 60% of the brain and the sheaths surrounding the nerves are actually composed of fat.

Tallanvor, the nutrition that babies and toddlers need is much different than what adults need! Here is a link that may help you understand a little better: http://www.homemade-baby-food-recipe...-for-baby.html

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