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Re: Anyone have a child with scoliosis?

I was diagnosed at 16 also, but with insufficiently severe scoliosis and kyphosis to warrant surgery. And they'd said I was fine at the school scoliosis screening every two years before that. <f>

The doctor gave me a shoe lift to wear, and I was supposed to wear shoes all the time. Didn't -- HATE shoes! -- and that was probably a good thing, because that would have just aggravated the curve. Idiot doctor. I worked for a chiropractor in my late 20s and he was actually able to reverse some of the curvature -- very unusual at that late age, but since I was there every day....

I was also given exercises as a teenager, and didn't do them. Didn't see any reason to. My back didn't hurt..... But tell your son that I've had significant pain/weakness and lots of headaches from early 20s to now (38), and chiropractors say that's why. And a brother with scoliosis and kyphosis has a bad case of "turtle neck" in his 40s. So it's not just a matter of how your son feels now. He really is in a position now to make a lifelong difference in his posture (= looks. Think girls!) and health.
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