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Re: Need advice with 7.5 month old

I'm not an expert, but I bfed my twins until they were 13 mos and we started solids (just rice cereal) at 6 months. We started fruit & veggies around 9 mos. Bowel changes are normal, and so is spitting up (NOT severe reflux or vomiting tho).

One thing you could do is nurse first before giving solids. Right now your LO is just learning HOW to eat and her main source of nutrition will still be from you. Think of solids as a dessert and BM as her meal.

I made all my own babyfood by steaming the veggie or fruit and pureeing it in a food processor. I would then pour/spoon the puree into ice cube trays and freeze it. Once frozen I popped the cubes out into a freezer bag to store them. As my girls got older, I just made the puree more chunky.

IDK if you are vegan, but we arent, and when we first intruduced meat (chicken), I boiled a breast, pureed it with some water, and then mixed it with sweet potato.

Here is an excellent website on making your own baby food and a suggested timeline of when to introduce what foods:

Good luck! I hope other mamas will have more advice about BLWing & solids than I do...
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