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Re: Anyone have a child with scoliosis?

Looking back I'm glad I did have the surgery though! My Orthopedic surgeon said I could have it then (at 16) or from the way my curve was heading it would increase about 1-2 percent a year and I would have to have the surgery later in life. I did not want to end up with back problems later in life! I also was in no pain, which made going into surgery hard!

It's a good thing your son is a boy b/c the brace they made me where after has a hole for your chest and trust me it is not flattering!! Also it's my left rib that sticks out too! I know it will be hard to have to wear a brace when everyone else isn't. Is he in highschool? Although if I had the option I would certainly have choosen the brace over surgery. Oh my gosh, does it feel good to take that thing off though!

There are lots of good websites and information on Scoliosis, maybe you can get him hooked up with a Scoliosis group in your area. That way he won't feel like he's the only one with a brace. I think they start to be more serios about Scoliosis when the curve is above 46 percent or something like that.

I hope everything works out

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