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Neighbors kid keep asking for Candy!

My toddler has a friend who lives behind our house. She comes over almost every day, which I don't mind at all, because she keeps my toddler busy. The one thing that does tick me off is that she always asking for sugary drinks or food. She's always asking for candy, ice cream soda etc. My toddler, doesn't eat that much sugary sweets because she rather munch on apples, carrots and etc. When I tell my daughter's friend no, she goes to my daughter and tells her to ask me for sugary food. I tell her no also but also give in from time to time because I think I need to treat them for being good, but I don't want my toddler to get into the phase of asking for candy all the time. Anyway, any advice for having the neighborhood kid to stop asking for these sweets.
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