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Re: Making myself sick picking a school for DS - Help (Very long, lol)

Yep, we are going to be building a new home soon too and this is top on our priority list. I went to public school the whole way and dh went half and half. So, we know what both sides of the coin brings. It's a VERY tough decision. I always said we would put dd into public school because we can find very good ones around here, but the homes there are $$$. So, I'm considering going where the homes are less and getting more and then putting dd into private school for $5000/year. It kills me to do that because I always think that could fund her college thru the prepay system here. So, it's a toss up.

For you, I would have to say to start out in the private system. I'm only saying this because you will have to transfer your kids at middle school and the kids will already know their friends and be comfortable with them and middle school is a very hard time to change for kids. I think your public elementary sounds good. There's nothing wrong with being strict. I've found that strict schools like that produce great students. Although, I am a little concerned with the fact that they don't get socialization time at lunch. What's up with that? Do they get to go outside for recess and then go crazy?

Good luck with your decision. It's soooo hard. Whatever youi decide will be best for your baby.
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