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Re: Making myself sick picking a school for DS - Help (Very long, lol)

Thanks for the advice. Homeschooling is not really an option for us, as I know my limits as far as patience, lol! Both of our boys are in a little church-run preschool, which we've been very happy with. It's small and all the teachers know all the kids. This is what I'm wanting from an elementary school, but I know that may not be a reality.

The magnet schools would be ideal, I think, if the kids could all get in (selective admission, based mostly on test scores). They're smaller, more arts-based, and seem to be a good balance of strict while still letting the kids show their individuality (as opposed to turning them into robots, which is what I'm afraid of with our local school). And they're excellent schools academically. The only issue is that we'd have to move into a different parish if we wanted to utilize one of the magnet schools, because we don't have any in our parish (Carly - we're in Belle Chasse).

There's still one more private school, actually it's a Lutheran school, that we plan to look at. I think its tuition is slightly more reasonable (still like $5000 a year, which is crazy). I know a few people who love it though, so it may be worth the money if it meant we could stay in our current home.

Ahhh, the decisions!!!!! I swear I'm gonna get an ulcer from this!
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