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Re: Sciatic Nerve Pain?

I've been doing regular moderate exercise (salsa dance on Mondays, workouts on campus through a pregnancy exercise study on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and evening walks the rest of the week) and it seems to really alleviate my aches and pains. My hips have been the major culprit, so lateral movements in exercise have really helped! I also HAVE to totally avoid any positions that have me lying down on my back, because my sciatic nerve totally kills me in that position. When nothing else works, a warm bath seems to help.

My exercise instructors with the study have shown me some specific stretches to combat pregnancy aches and pains (I just started getting crotch pain the other day from the relaxin-induced separation) and they have been fantastic.

My suggestion is that you talk to your Dr./midwife and see if they can recommend an exercise specialist who could give you some good techniques. You could consult with someone who does pregnancy yoga or pilates, or even a physical therapist. Or if you can arrange it, see about taking an exercise class. I've heard from multiple people that water aerobics do wonders for all sorts of pregnancy pains. Our Y runs regular prenatal water aerobics classes. And Y members (at least at ours) get childcare for free when they come in to work out (during business hours only). So it might be possible for you to do, even with kids to run after!
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