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Re: 105 Degree Fever, Blue Limbs and Lips, 6 Hours in the ER and.......

Originally Posted by mikoto127 View Post
Blue is a lack of oxygen for whatever reason. Did the Dr's do an EKG or any other heart testing other than listening? And, did they take a urine sample? Has your LO been urinating regularly? Lots of wet diapers...and as wet as normal? Blue could also be from toxins backing up in the bloodstream if there is any kidney or liver problem going on also! Or, it could be a mild asthma he having trouble breathing? If he even seems to have the slightest problem breathing, I'd take him in and see about getting him an albuterol treatment. If there is a history of heart issues (even murmurs that closed, or anything in the family) I'd bring him back and get that tested. And, did you try a cool bath to break the fever. It helps. Oh, and I don't want to come off as scary with all of this, it's just things to look out for! But, blue is NOT good and they shouldn't have sent you home...because most likely, it's a lack of oxygen which is NOT good, and can cause long term issues if the brain goes w/o oxygen for too long.
They did an O2 saturation on him and it was normal. Doing an ekg on him is hard as his internal organs are being squashed by his funnel chest. They did do a urine test and he is wetting as normal. He always sounds like hes having trouble breathing as he was also born with Tracheomalasia. I have a nebulizer at home and may give him some ventilin today. I have been doing the cool bath...actually hes been playing in his pool. Thanks!
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