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Re: 105 Degree Fever, Blue Limbs and Lips, 6 Hours in the ER and.......

Tracheomalacia is a disorder that is due to congenital narrowing of the wind pipe. This causes difficulty in breathing and noisy breathing. This condition subsides as the child grows as the windpipe increases iun size. One does not have to do anything about it. If the child has lot of noisy breathing, making him lie down on his tummy (prone) may decrease the stridor.
Is this what what your LO has? IF so, it sounds like he's starting to have more difficulty breathing from congestion and with a narrow windpipe, it's going to be more difficult. I would make sure to keep those nebulizer treatments up. This might be why his lips were turning blue.

My little twin at 3 months turned blue. My babysitter called me while I was shopping and asked if it was normal that she was blue...uh NO! I booked home, called DH (police officer) who came screaming home with lights on and ran her up to the ER. Her hands, arms, legs, and feet were so blue they were purple.
Come to find out after going to a Ped Cardiologist that she has low/slow circulation and sometimes it's not fast enough to move it through her hands and feet but it won't harm her. She is now 20 months old and still sometimes turns blue but it's getting better with age.
I guess the point is, I know the feeling when your LO turns blue. It's scary S**t. I would say given the fever, starting of a cold and born with Tracheomalasia this could be the reason why you had a bout of blueness. Did the doctor say if this could happen? since all the tests came back normal, I'd ask the doc to see if this is something you might have to look forward to next time he gets a fever/cold.
I'll be thinking of you today. Let us know how he's doing later today.
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