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Re: 105 Degree Fever, Blue Limbs and Lips, 6 Hours in the ER and.......

Originally Posted by Babydust View Post
They did an O2 saturation on him and it was normal. Doing an ekg on him is hard as his internal organs are being squashed by his funnel chest. They did do a urine test and he is wetting as normal. He always sounds like hes having trouble breathing as he was also born with Tracheomalasia. I have a nebulizer at home and may give him some ventilin today. I have been doing the cool bath...actually hes been playing in his pool. Thanks!
Tracheomalasia is a pretty non-complicating thing to have. BUT it can be serious! I would take him to a pediatric pulmonologist! My DD who is 20m now HAD this as well as asthma and severe allergies. You could literally hear her from the other side of the house. Her 1st year of life was FILLED with nothing but meds and treatments and drs. I know how scary it is mama! If your baby is turning blue, then there has got the be an explination.

My 1st thoughts are, 1. The Tracheomalasia is causing issues due to him having some kind of vuris and being stuffy. In this case he needs to have that checked out. I think they can do some kind of a scope to make sure things are doing alright down there.

2. He has trouble with blood flow.

3. He's just one of those kids who can not handle a high fever so well. And turning blue is just his way of dealing with it.

4. He's got something else going on with his breathing. Chest xrays can MISS things, they have on my dd twice.

IMO, you need a second opinion. I really think the fever is just a bad virus and will subside soon. but you never know. And it's best with kids who already have heath issues to BE SURE!

I will be thinking of you all and praying for a GREAT outcome and try to rest while he is. Don't stress mama!

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