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Re: Hugs Please - Feeling like a horrible mommy :(

Originally Posted by Airyl View Post
Thank you so much for all the support. About the mean lady, I was also thinking that if I broke the window she could get hurt. She would have woken up and then started crying and flailing around in broken glass. I figured if the FD couldn't get the car open, they would at least know the safest way to break the glass. Oh well, I was really po'd at her, but hopefully I will just remember how it felt and make sure that I'm more supportive when others are in similar situations. And now it seems funny to me that I thought I could possibly get in trouble with the police, I was just already panicking, and that news story was what popped into my head. I'm a little paranoid already without anyone's help.

The hubby was very supportive when we picked him up from work, and took us out for chinese. Oh, and as Terra mentioned, I'm thinking I will get a little key keeper and put it somewhere (hopefully) very inconspicuous on the car. In the meantime, dh suggested keeping my keys in my pocket.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone again. You mamas are great!
good idea about the pocket I actually bought one of those stretchy ring things that you can put around your wrist so I keep them there the whole time too
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