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Re: Hugs Please - Feeling like a horrible mommy :(

About reporting the woman - the manager (or manager on duty at least) was standing by the car with me when she made the second comment. I think she tried to tell her to back off after she said it, but I just turned away from her after sarcastically telling her that her comment was really helpful at the moment (I was shocked - didn't know what else to say), so I don't know exactly what was said.

I'm still po'd but I'm trying to just let it go. I tend to stay bitter about things, and that won't help anyone. As a pp mentioned, everyone makes mistakes, including her. Hopefully this was one of those and not a good indicator of who she really is. I'm going to keep telling myself that anyway...

Originally Posted by Terra View Post
good idea about the pocket I actually bought one of those stretchy ring things that you can put around your wrist so I keep them there the whole time too
Ooh, I like that! I used to have one for my bike lock key. If I keep a key in my pocket, one on my wrist, and one in a little magnet box, I should be all set right?
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