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Re: Making myself sick picking a school for DS - Help (Very long, lol)

Contact the principal and ask for a school tour and a chance to observe several classes at different grade levels and spend time during the lunch as well. For this visit, I would suggest leaving any children at home so you can concentrate on teacher/student interaction, teacher/staff interaction, students and see how they react to any rules such as the halls and lunch. It is also important to realize that a school atmosphere is directly tied to it's principal. When our oldest was 4 we checked out schools and bought this house based on the schools alone, he had a wonderful principal, a great school experience and really loved school til his last year at elem when a new principal was transferred there, that was the same year our youngest started K, we had the worst 6 yrs, and wouldn't you know it, now that Michael has moved to middle school, the elem has a new principal and he is wonderful! The staff/students/parents loves him and the atmosphere at the school is back to being wonderful again, so think about that as well. Good luck in your decision, I went to private elem/public high, hubby public and we decided that it was more important for me to be a SAHM than send them to private. I would never change that decision at all. How long before your child will be in school?
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