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Re: Crib mattresses can be toxic !

I'm still kicking myself for buying a vinyl-covered crib mattress for DD. We never bought a crib (we coslept) so it sat, all wrapped up, for a year before I unwrapped it to put on her toddler bed; and and that's when I discovered the vinyl layer under the "organic cotton mattress cover" they sold us on. I called up the store and complained that they hadn't been upfront about the vinyl under the organic cotton. I tried to get a refund/exchange but they wouldn't take it a year after. I considered ripping the the vinyl layer off, but decided against it, because god knows what the foam inside is impregnated with. I'm pretty sure the PBDEs are added to the foam layers in mattresses (not the vinyl, though vinyl has its own problems).

So I let it offgas for a few months, and then covered the vinyl with 3 layers (their organic cotton cover, an cotton allergy cover, and a wool pad). Next time I'm buying a real organic mattress, from an organic store. That's my mattress vent.
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