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Re: Does Anyone Else Work Opposite Shift of Significant Other?

Sorry I didn't answer sooner..but I do. DH works swing shift (3rd shift) and I work first. It helps that I come home for an hour during lunch, but DH has it a lot worse than me. DS is up during the day and DH sleeps maybe 4 hours, if he's lucky. He also has a very long commute (over 100 miles in a day!). When we can, we get my mother to help out, or sometimes DH will go half an hour away to his mother's. To save on gas, this means that I won't see DS until the next day, if I'm lucky. I will go 24 hours without seeing my son sometimes, which is very hard, but I know that DH really needs his sleep and that every little bit helps. It is incredibly difficult and DH is now considering working less days than he already does.
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