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Re: Who is harder- boys or girls??

Originally Posted by lawgirl View Post
I totally agree. Do you (general you, not the OP) realize that these types of statements and articles are making some would-be mothers dread the thought of a boy. I know I did. We generally don't find out the gender before birth, but with my last pregnancy I had so many ultrasounds that it became somewhat apparent that I was having a boy. I already had two adorable girls at home and the thought of having a boy sickened me. Literally. I am not proud of myself, just being honest. So much of my own feelings stemmed from these types of articles. You know what? I have a boy who will be one in two days and I am absolutely in love with him. To this point I see no difference between my boy and my girls, though I am sure that will change. One thing I will not do is talk about how hard my boy is to women who might end up dreading the thought of a boy one day. It is pointless to even discuss this IMO. All children are different. Actually to this point, my hardest one year old has been DD1 as she was into everything and could climb a cupboard faster than I thought it possible.
well iwas diff, i wanted a boy more than a girl. ididnt want to have a girl and had to take her to malls or get her dresses etcetc, its not me at all!! LOL
im not a girly girl at all LOL
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