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Re: Making myself sick picking a school for DS - Help (Very long, lol)

I did tour the local public school a few weeks ago. The kids were pretty orderly and listened when the teachers spoke to them. Classrooms seemed to be laid out well, and I know they have some neat computer technology that some big company just gave them. The principal has gotten principal of the year for our state in the past, and the school has a very active PTA, which is something I definitely want to be involved in.

However, the principal is supposedly retiring next year, and things have changed a lot since the hurricane. The school has had to take on more students, as all the other schools in the parish were destroyed (they recently reopened one, but most kids are still going to ours). The schools that these kids came from were generally lower-quality schools with lower expectations, so it may take a while to see how these students will do in this school - whether it affects them positively, or whether they affect the school negatively. Does that make sense? I just don't know that I want our kids to be guinea pigs for it all.

I definitely do not plan to go back to work just to send them to private school. We could make it on DH's salary & send them to private school, but it would be tight (depending on how much the tuition was). We have to decide soon, though, because DS#1 will be in kindergarten next year.

Thanks for all the thoughts - ya'll are definitely making me feel better at least!
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