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Re: If I can ask..How much do/will you give your child for allowance?

Well my oldest is 7.5 and no allowance yet. She does earn money for extra jobs like pp. I buy her clothes and shoes when she's in need of them, sometimes new, sometimes from consignment shop. She doesn't mind either way as long as she gets to help pick. So far this works and she uses her money when she wants toys. I think in the next year as she learns more of the value of $ I'll set up an allowance. I'm thinking about $5 week not including clothes.
My 3yo has a wallet and also earns small $ for helping with extra stuff, but that's all so far with him. He sometimes uses it for rides at the store or at yardsales. That's all so far with him.
I want them to learn how to use their money wisely, but I also want them to value what they have and not put too much importance on material things. We live in an upscale area and I don't want her to think if she doesn't have all name brand she's not as good as everyone else. I'm not sure how to find that balance, but I'm trying! I don't have to worry about it too much yet, though.
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