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Re: If I can ask..How much do/will you give your child for allowance?

My DD is 9 and gets $0.50 a week for every year she is born. She has to save up for items that she really wants and also add some to her savings. This is just to teach her that in life you do need to save. Both for future items and for things you want now. IF she wants candy/treats then she has to decide if it is really worth dipping into her money. Unless we are out as a family or I say hey lets walk for an icecream, then we pay.

I buy all her clothing and there is no limit there.. it's what she needs and I determine how much I will spend on one article. She is really good about knowing when something is too much $$ though. Let's hope it stays that way. Some months she doesn't need anything and others she needs a lot. So it all depends on the month and how much she is growing.

Starting soon I will be uping her allowance to $1 for every year per week. Or I may keep it where it is at and then have additional chores to do for extra money outside of what is expected of her now. Being part of the family she has her own chores which is mainly keeping her room clean, changing her sheets, tidying the house sometimes, vaccuming. The allowance is not dependent on her doing her chores.
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