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Re: Crib mattresses can be toxic !

Yes yes yes!

Check out (.org?) and type "SIDS newsflash" in the search, for an article on this.

In New Zealand they have almost ELIMINATED SIDS by finding a way to correct this problem.

I wrote to AP-guru Dr. William Sears asking him to comment on this on his website and he did nothing. We need our pediatricians to look at this, and INFORM US!!!!!

When I read that article I was fuming: the research here simply ignores all of the research elsewhere in the world. Know why? Mattress companies fund the research, so they get to scew the results. At least, that is according to Dr. Sears. I wish, if he cares enough to disclose that fact about the research funding, that he would care enough to share other important details..... like the probable link between matress toxicity and SIDS.
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