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Re: If I can ask..How much do/will you give your child for allowance?

I'm not going to vote in the poll because DS doesn't receive an allowance yet. For now I occasionally make him a star chart and when he has a super good day all day long he gets to color in a star. When he colors them all in (I put 10 on the chart) we go to the store and he can pick out a new book. In order to color in a star he has to go all day with good behavior - no whining about what I make for meals, taking a nap or at least spending quiet time just resting, picking up his toys without a fuss, staying in bed all night long the night before, etc. He just turned 4 last month so in my opinion going all day long without whining or making a fuss is a pretty big accomplishment.

When he is old enough for us to talk about an allowance (probably when he's 6 or 7) it won't be for nothing. He'll have to do extras to get it. Normal, every day chores like picking up his room, putting clothes in the hamper, clearing his dishes, etc won't earn him money. No way am I going to pay my child to do things they ought to be doing anyway! When I was growing up we started getting $10 a week when we were 10 years old but we had to do things above and beyond our normal chores. I figure we'll start an allowance younger than 10 though, because I want to teach him about good money management from an earlier age.
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